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Why We Need Phone Number?

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Why We Need The National ID Number?

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Not at the moment, but we are always looking at ways to make M Club more exciting and more rewarding. So, stay tuned for more diversified and unique rewards!
In the blink of an eye! All you have to do is head to any doctorm store and provide us with your basic contact information in order to create an account. We will immediately issue a unique M Club Membership Number for you and share it with you through an SMS message. Now you can start shopping and earning points, discounts and other exclusive M Club benefits!
M Club is always at your fingertips! Simply visit M Club’s page for the latest updates, news, special offers and upcoming events.
Because the best things in life are free, M Club is open to all and free of charge.
M Club ensures that you shop hassle-free; all you need to do to accumulate and redeem points is use your mobile number. The latter, however, is not applicable to Turkey where M Club customers have to use a membership card while shopping.
We use your details to curate the right promotions, which are tailored just for you and to make sure you are always updated with all novelties and upcoming events. Last but certainly not least, your details help us ensure and secure your points from un-authorized use.
Our M Club rewards are based on your purchase history and different point values enable you to redeem different rewards and benefits. The more you spend at doctorm the more points you will accumulate and the more rewards you will unlock!
Absolutely! M Club members earn points on every purchase they make at any doctorm store regardless of its location. The earned points are automatically added to their account.
Every time you make a purchase, you will automatically accumulate M Club Reward Points, which you can redeem for any product of your choice or exchange for future discounts and savings at our stores. You can check your point balance on your online profile or at any of our stores.
Yes, the more the merrier! For faster point accumulation, your family and friends can use your mobile number authentication and their purchase points will be added to your account.
Unfortunately, no, you can only use your own hard-earned points as M Club rewards each member individually which means that only they can benefit from the points they have accumulated.
Some experiences are better enjoyed alone. M Club rewards each member individually which means that only they can benefit from the points they have accumulated. Your points are for your eyes only!
Yes, we all love good deals!
This is what they are here for! You can use your points to fully or partially pay for your purchases. For instance, you can deduct any amount of points out of the total value of your purchase and pay in cash for the remainder of the amount due.
There is no limit to your M Club benefits nor to your point redemption! The points you have accumulated are always at your full discretion.
We always deduct the points that were earned first.
Although you can collect points from the purchases made in any country we are present in, you may only redeem them in the country where your membership was issued.
No, points are only collected when you pay in cash, credit or debit cards.
M Club features 3 different membership levels which are as follows: Green: Our Green level is your first step into M-Club’s world of rewards and benefits. All you have to do to become a Green member is to make a purchase at any doctorm store and register for an M-Club membership.
Silver: If you have acquired above 2499 points within 18 months, then you will automatically become an M-Club silver member.
Gold: Members with total points above 4999 accumulated over a span of 18 months will be upgraded to Gold Level and get full access to all the privileges and benefits offered by our program.
Because we wouldn’t want to take the fun out of your shopping, the only way to get an upgrade is to use your M Club membership to purchase and earn more points. So what are you waiting for? Drop by and say hello!
If you do not achieve the required spend level during an 18-month period then your membership will be downgraded.
You know what they say, once an M Club Member always an M Club member! Memberships never expire, however in order to maintain your Silver or Gold status you will need to make enough purchases to remain within your category. If the amount of your transactions goes below your category limit then your membership will be downgraded: Silver to Green, Gold to Silver or even Gold to Green.
No, members are gradually upgraded through the different membership levels.
Golden days are looming! By spending 5000 SAR in a one-and-a-half-year period from the date of being upgraded to the Silver level, you will be automatically upgraded to Gold status and unlock the full benefits and privileges of the M Club program.
At any doctorm store.Through the contact centre. Online from M Club’s page. Simply visit M Club’s page, or update your details when you visit any of our stores.
You may join multiple accounts of M Club into one account and have all the points accumulated into one account. You may request this at any doctorm store
Because you are a valued customer, we want to offer you the best we’ve got and this is why we will be sending you regular offers and promotions. And because we care, we will only send you offers which are designed with you in mind and cater to your individual needs, so don’t worry we will never have you sift through a cluttered inbox!
M Club will send you SMS’es on the mobile number which serves as your account authentication. M Club will also send you emails for more details about our promotions, special events and new releases.
No. Members need to make purchases at doctorm stores to be rewarded with M club points.
M Club, which has replaced our existing discount scheme, was created to offer our loyal customers an experience that combines discounts and carefully curated perks and benefits. That is why discounts or earning points are no longer possible without an M Club membership. Our new reward program was designed to grant our loyal customers a 5%, 7% and 10% cash back in the form of redeemable points added to their membership accounts along with various other privileges.
The reduction in glare offered by polarized sunglasses has many positive effects. It not only provides protection from exposure to bright light, it can also enhance visibility, contrast, clarity and depth perception.
Yes. The polarized process is created by applying a thin chemical film to a high-quality lens under laboratory conditions or through placing a polarized film between two layers of lens, and they are available in almost every prescription strength.
Not always. Polarizing and UV protection are two different things. A top-quality pair of sunglasses will always deliver a high-degree of UV protection, whereas a polarized lens’ main role is to reduce glare. However, in all cases, it is best to choose polarized lenses that also offer 100% UV protection.
Yes, as long as you are returning the product in its original condition and packaging within 14 days from purchase. Exchange excludes online orders and sunglasses and eyeglasses fitted with custom lenses. For hygienic purposes, clear and color contact lenses cannot be exchanged either. Exchanges are allowed in the same country the item was purchased in.
In case you change your mind, you can visit the store within 14 days from purchase date (2 days for KSA). Make sure you have your receipt and that the product is still in its original condition and packaging. Returns are not allowed for clear or color contact lenses and for sunglasses and eyeglasses that have been fitted with custom lenses. Important note for return of online orders: if returnable items are bought with non-returnable items, the whole invoice becomes non-returnable.
Returns are allowed for accessories, sunglasses and eyeglasses purchased in store or online, provided they are returned in their original condition and within 14 days from purchase or delivery (2 days for KSA) along with the purchase invoice or receipt. Returns for glasses fitted with custom lenses is not permitted, subject to the discretion of the store technician.
No, Incase the lenses will be done by doctorm, otherwise yes the customer is subjected to eye test fees.
Make sure that they are put in their cover and not left in hot areas (car drawer for long time) and make sure that the frame is cleansed by water and cleaned by the cloth provided its case.
Accessories are available in any of our stores. Please ask the sales agent in the store to provide you with further assistance.
Polarized lenses fight glare by minimizing the passage of undesirable light to the eye. The result is sharper vision, more vivid color and greater depth perception.
Anti-reflective lenses reduce distracting reflections that can bounce off the back of the lens into the eye.
Gradient lenses fade from a darker tint to a lighter tint, allowing for comfortable vision over a wide range of distance and lighting conditions.
Photochromatic lenses darken with UV exposure, adjusting to a variety of light conditions.
Mirrored lenses have reflective coating that reduces the amount of light passing through to the eye.
Sales agents at the store will be able to assist you to get the best size for your face.
Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions and help protect against harmful blue light indoors and outdoors. They are hassle-free lenses that make everyday life simpler. You can pick your favorite color and choose your style for a look you love. Always ask our eye care professionals for Transitions lenses.
Make sure that you sterile the contact lenses with the Sterile Solution and make sure that they are dust free. If still not comfortable please visit an optometrist for further assistance.
Yes, it can be worn with Astigmatism.
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The doctorm Foundation is a private foundation that tackles a need with the utmost social impact in mind – Preventing Blindness in Egypt. The foundation was set-up in 1992 by Dr. Akef El-Maghraby, to promote affordable eye care services for all in Egypt with no discrimination related to income, religion or ethnic affiliation Our Vision: A Society where needless Blindness ceases to exist Our Mission: To Provide Affordable Eye Health to All The Foundation builds on more than 20-year track record of successful partnerships, with leading global, regional and local organizations and incorporate the industry knowledge and experience of the doctorm Medical Group, to help achieve our goals.
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